What Makes Windows 10 Home Different than Windows 10 Pro?

Windows 10 Home

It is the basic variant of Windows 10. It has many features entailing the revamped Start Menu. Windows 8 left the legacy years ago, but because of the demand, it had made a comeback in the desktop OS. The Cortana comes in full-fledged version as well. It is a digital voice assistant which was first available on Windows Phones. Besides this, the Home edition also equips Battery Saver, TPM support and biometric security feature referred to as Windows Hello. Battery Saver makes your system work more efficiently. It limits the background activity on your device. A TPM is referred to as a microchip that provides extra security. Home users will also have the Virtual Desktops option and Snap assist feature for at least 4 apps on a single screen. Then Continuum is also enhanced where you can quickly switch from the desktop mode to the tablet mode. Then a new browser named Microsoft Edge is also made available. It supports the Windows Update and offers security measures like Microsoft Passport. Want the Windows 10 Home Key at a discounted price? Visit us.

Windows 10 Pro

The Pro Edition of Windows 10 encompasses each and every feature of Home Edition’s features, provides sophisticated connectivity and privacy tools like Group Policy Management, Domain Join, Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer or EMIE, Bitlocker, Assigned Access 8.1, Client Hyper-V, Remote Desktop, and Direct Access.

For example, Assigned Access 8.1 lets you lock the user accounts and avoid them the access of some particular apps. On the other hand, Bitlocker is probably the best encryption tools by Windows. It allows you to encrypt your external USB drives. You also get all the tools that let you the seamless connectivity while working on Azure Activity Directory and Business Store for Windows 10.

Are you considering to invest in Pro? Go for it if you need features like Client Hyper C which is an inbuilt virtualization solution in Windows. And if your work demands to connect to Windows domain every now and them, then invest in the Pro Edition. Or else, Home Edition is legit for you.

A Quick Difference Table to Sum Up

Features Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro
Start Menu Yes Yes
Cortana Yes Yes
Battery Saver Yes Yes
Windows Update Yes Yes
Windows Hello Yes Yes
Snap Assist Yes Yes
Continuum Yes Yes
Microsoft Edge Yes Yes
Device Encryption Yes Yes
Domain Join No Yes
Group Policy Management No Yes
Bitlocker No Yes
Remote Desktop No Yes
Microsoft Passport Yes Yes
Device Guard No Yes
Virtual Desktops Yes Yes