This one or that one? Choosing the right postpaid plan

We outline the 4 steps involved in buying the perfect postpaid plan for your phone.

Almost every person, young or old, has a mobile phone to their name today. And why not? Along with a lot of variety in terms of handsets, there is a wide variety in prepaid and postpaid plans across service providers as well.

However, not all postpaid plans are as good as each other. Many are plagued by problems like poor network coverage, constant call drops, low monthly data quota, etc. You need the best one to ensure that your phone works to its optimum levels.

Before you take the first plan you come across, do compare postpaid plans and look at the following guidelines for buying the postpaid plan that works for you:

#1 Browse for the best plans.

Leading mobile service providers offer all the information about their latest postpaid plans on their web portals or smartphone apps. Browse through the most popular plans, or the most reasonably priced ones, or the ones with high data – take your pick as per your need. You can find the perfect one once you compare postpaid plans for their pricing, plan features, add-on benefits, whether any add-on connections are offered for free to family members, etc. Some of the best postpaid plans at the moment offer unlimited calling, free Amazon Prime and Netflix subscription for one year and 3 months respectively, free access to Wynk Music and Zee5 apps, etc.

#2 Initiate the purchase online.

After you compare postpaid plans and find the one you think is most suitable for you, you can request for the specific plan by clicking ‘Buy now’ on it, on the mobile service provider’s website. Once you do so, the provider contacts you to discuss your requirements further, and initiates the purchase process. The new postpaid SIM card is sent to your residence, and the company representative drops by to complete the KYC process.

#3 Undergo the KYC process.

Once the new postpaid SIM is given to you, you cannot start using it right away until the KYC process is completed. For the KYC process, the company representative will verify your Aadhaar biometrics, get the application form completed by you with your signature, take an ID and address proof, attach your latest photograph with the application, and note down the SIM card details. You will then receive a message about the SIM ard being activated shortly.

#4 Start using the new postpaid connection.

After you receive the SMS alert about the postpaid SIM activation, insert it in your phone’s SIM slot and start using it. Complete a basic set up (the SIM captures relevant data such as GPRS creds and location) and start using your new plan.