Things To Keep in mind while hiring a packers and movers service

Often, people try to look for good packers and movers company without any luck. In this article, we will cover most of the important pointers so that you can book a competent packers and movers provider.

  1. Forgo The Good Old Directory: If you are confined to phone directories then you are likely to miss out on good deals. Currently, a lot of reputed companies offer packers and movers service in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and many other cities. And most of these companies offer web-only bookings. So, in order to hire good packers and movers, go beyond the directory and embrace the search.
  1. Pay Attention To Plans: It is possible that two companies may have price differences by the plan. For example, the cost of packing and moving goods of 1 BHK in company A can be cheaper whereas the cost of moving goods of 2 BHK apartment can be more expensive than company B. So, in this case, make sure that you select the plans head to head in order to get the best deal.
  1. Some Important Questions to Ask: Ask questions about packaging, service zones, availability of resources and tools that they use in the process. Always remember that a company that leverages machines for lifting goods and other items would offer more competitive pricing.
  1. Ask for references: Trusting a company with your belongings is a big decision. So, if you are working with a small provider – then, be sure to ask them for references. It is important to strike off the companies that you haven’t heard of.
  1. Insist on a clear proposal before you move in: This includes import service inclusions, details of all the fees, adds ons – if any. It is important that you do all this beforehand so that there are no surprises once you take the services.
  1. Opt for Multi-City Packers and Movers vs Local Packers: Always give additional weightage to companies that operate in multiple cites. If a company providers packers and movers in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai; then they would have more experience than the ones that only cater to one city.
  1. Negotiate: Nothing is out of the realm of negotiation, always remember that. So, do not hesitate to ask your provider for discounts on pricing. Be sure that you ask them a lot of questions and pick up important pointers so that you can negotiate with them. There are some companies that do operate on fixed costs, and you can forego this if the total quote is less than 10k.

More importantly, know one thing – if there is a trade-off between price and service – always pick up the service. Luckily, there are many competent packers and movers that can handle all your packing and moving related needs. And we hope that you’d find these points helpful while you hire your next packers and movers provider.