The Use of Badges for Workers in a Company

Implementing a badge system for your workplace ensures maintaining productivity and safety in it. The utility of these badges for employees helps maintain the capability of identifying anyone who can navigate the workplace, and helps management to monitor the reliability of employees, this can be done with ease using the sign in the app by ilobby. When you apprehend the numerous uses that a badge system has, you can substantiate the outlay of implementing one.

Reliability of Employees

A profound element to weigh the performance and reliability of employees is the ability of them to work efficiently and respect break-over time. A badge system will ensure management to record employee returns and decide which of them are duly following the work schedule. However, this is useful in places where employees don’t have a card-marking system and may attempt to molest the system because they think they aren’t monitored.


A badge system offers safety in the workplace in numerous ways. Employees who resign or are dismissed are mandated to return their name badges ahead of leaving the building. This prevents disgruntled employees from having fast entrance into the facilities. The use of these identifications also prevents visitors from entering the building without registering first in the reception area and without being accompanied by an employee at all times.


Even in the case of small businesses, some staff members might be unable to associate a name with a face. If an emergency should arise and the employee needs to be contacted personally, the use of the badges makes it easier to ID the staff members. This is a good reason why part of your badge policy should be for all employees to use them in places where they can be seen at ease.

New Employees and Visitors

One of the numerous intimidating situations of being a new employee is that you are unfamiliar with the name of everyone. If you are assigned to a training class with an instructor you are unfamiliar with, or you are placed in a situation where you share a work area with someone you have never met, then the name cards that each employee can carry It will help to make the adaptation period easier. Badges can also help make it easier for visitors to know who they are talking to and which department each person belongs to.