Termodizayn Flake Ice Machine

At Termodizayn you will find a wide selection of flake ice machines to meet whatever kind of ice production needs you may have. If you operate a grocery store, fish market, or produce stand; having plenty of flake ice on hand is an important part of creating attractive displays for your all products, while keeping them at a safe chilled temperature.

Flake ice is also often used in medical settings, since the quick-melting ice poses especially low choking risk for patients.

Our flake ice machines can operate with fresh water and sea water which comes in handy when it comes to fishing in large amounts.Our machines also providethe best water-to-ice ratio for flake ice, which prevents the ice flakes from clinging to the items being cooled. Flake ice has the ability to quickly cool items, and provides an attractive display for productsor fish market items on display.

When researching to determine the best flake ice machine to meet your needs, you will want to be sure to have a good sense of your production requirements, as you will find a wide range of output capabilities depending on the machine you choose.

Termodizayn fresh water flake ice machine can provide you with a range of 21 kg/h to 2080 kg/h.

It can operate quiet and highly efficient. It can run endlessly with its vertical type evaporator and  produces hygienic ice. The cooling equipment of our flake ice machine consists of high-quality equipment used in European norms.

On the other hand Termodizayn sea water flake ice machine can provide you with an ice production range between 125 kg/h to 313 kg/h.Ice production capacity range is 1500kg and 7500 kg of ice per day range. It is specifically designed to withstand the marine environment which causes corrosion.