SyncMate: You can use to synchronize any device on your Mac

SyncMate is a sync utility app you can use with your Mac. It is very difficult to get hold of such a software which can sync an Android and Mac.  With SyncMate, software to sync Mac with Android, you can not only sync your data from Mac to Android or vice versa, but you can also sync with another Mac, Windows, Nokia Series 40 phone, a Portable Sony Playstation, and USB flash drive. If you want, you can sync them all at the same time or else you can also synch them by choosing the device you want to sync. The connection can be made though Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB cable, which would depend on the device you are using.

Versions of SyncMate

SyncMate comes in two versions. One version is free, and the other is expert version.

  • Free Version: SyncMate free version is a software to sync Mac with Android. You can sync Address Book, iCal, calendar and contacts. It is also able to copy SMS messages on the Mac. You are also able to view, delete and create texts with the help of SyncMate. Easily you can delete all the contacts, events or to-dos on another computer or Android it is connected. With SyncMate, you can delete all the old data before starting to use the device for the first time.
  • Expert version: With the help of Expert SYncMate you can sync much more of your Windows Mobile data. It can sync e-mail manage with Mac Mail application. You can read, reply and forward messages from your Mac. If you feel like your Windows email is filling up, you can limit the sync to one or more weeks. Expert version let’s you write your text with a full-sized keyboard. It can also copy the entire call log to the Mac. You can search field for calls history, and view incoming, outgoing, or missed calls.