Ryan Mcaweeney San Diego Entrepreneur: How Small Businesses Can Keep Their Ad Spending in Check

Online advertising is booming as more people transition from traditional marketing platforms. Digital advertising has captured the attention of everyone from big brands, small businesses, and even individuals running their own blogs.

Businesses that were left behind when their counterparts were making the transition to digital advertising have been forced to follow suit to keep up with the competition. Many of them now recognize the opportunities that the online platforms present when trying to promote their products and services.

A growing generation of young tech-savvy consumers has played a big role in shifting the focus from traditional platforms such as TV and Newspapers. Advertisers are aggressively trying to tap into these platforms to get the attention of audiences.

However, many small businesses have limited budgets for their online campaigns. They may also not have specialists who can optimize the metrics to yield better results. Veteran Marketing Expert Ryan Mcaweeney proposes a number of strategies that make small businesses succeed in the increasingly competitive field of digital marketing:


The video is increasingly becoming popular with audiences thanks to the networking effect of social platforms and the captivating nature of video content. Video content tends to have a higher rate of engagement than text or images. Video ads have a click-through rate higher than any other digital format of advertising.  Small businesses can take advantage of this medium to get better results with a limited budget.


Most consumers relate and quickly respond to businesses that are near where they live and work. The convenience of a local branch of your business is likely to capture their attention and compel them to take action. Some of the online advertising platforms like Google provide geo-targeting features for marketers to promote their local businesses.

Going Hyper-local

Ryan Mcaweeney was born and raised in San Diego and has built a successful marketing firm in his hometown. He sees areas with small knit communities as having an untapped potential when it comes to hyperlocal advertising. In recent times he has been vocal in encouraging digital startups to move to cities like San Diego which offers similar opportunities but with higher land rates and overall cost of living.

He says small businesses can spend their non-digital part of their ad-spend to advertise in local newspapers, billboards, posters to create brand awareness for their business. A carefully crafted campaign can achieve excellent results without exceeding your ad spend budget.