Pre-Paid Recharge Online

The dream of Modi’s cashless digital India cannot be fulfilled without dedicated mobile networks across India with cheap data connections along with quality voice calling. Besides the traditional way of connecting people with their friends and family through voice access, today after tasting social media platforms across the World Wide Web, the Indian population is increasingly becoming net savvy with each passing day. For the economically weaker section there is no better tool than a pre-paid mobile connection to bring them closer to the more affluent class through social media interactions. Almost everybody today has heard about messaging tools like whatsapp, hike messenger, telegram, facebook, twitter etc.

So once a pre paid connection is purchased, people quickly learn about the recharge options through their family or friends to ensure they are online maximum hours in a day. With falling tariffs on data packs it is a dream time to opt for a good high speed mobile data pack for everyone. After being charged for data in KBs per second to MBs per second in the recent past, today we get dirt cheap prepaid connection which also gives a daily limit of data in GBs enabling connections across India. Coming to the recharge options, all the service providers give option of recharging their connections on their own websites besides app based recharges as well. You can either browse to their websites and click the recharge option or directly use the respective service provider’s app on your smart phone to recharge your connection in seconds.

Besides your service provider’s website and app based recharge options there are many third party wallets and apps which besides giving you an easy option to recharge your connection also reward you for using their services in the form of cash backs, discount coupons, shopping vouchers etc. For example at the time of writing this article PayTM was running multiple offers for recharging through their app, HDFC Bank promoted wallet Payzapp was offering upto Rs. 100 cash back on mobile recharges, MobiKwik wallet was also running multiple promotional offers of recharges through their app, Airtel and Vodafone have their own apps which enables a user to recharge their phones instantly. In all these apps and wallets, the best part is, you get the option to store your credit card or bank credentials. This eliminates the need to remember long 16 digit card numbers with other parameters like expiry date and CVV also reducing the risk to lose your cards as the details get stored digitally with no need to carry physical cards everywhere. The only thing you need to remember is the card’s CVV number amd once you punch the number your OTP gets generated and once authorized the recharge happens in a flash. The online and web based recharge options are most popular in the metro cities and urban centers where people are more educated and tech savvy. In rural areas smaller shops and kiosks or agents help people recharge their connections for a small amount of service charge. This is same as in initial old days of mobile connections in India where almost everyone used their services to purchase the recharge coupons.