Maximise your postpaid connection

Give your phone the Airtel postpaid advantage, with a host of terrific postpaid offers to get the most bang for your buck.

Your smartphone is the window to your world. It is second nature to you to reach out for your phone in case you wish to quickly look up some information, or watch a quick video, or just to while the time before catching up with your friends. The smartphone has become the de facto companion for you – with your phone in your hand, you really don’t need another friend or guide!

However, all of this is largely dependent on whether your phone has a great postpaid connection or not. Patchy network, frequent call drops, long time needed to buffer videos or load pages, expensive monthly plans…these factors ruin your smartphone usage experience. Most postpaid plans today offer such less monthly data that you are always on your guard about overshooting your data limits and then having to take a top-up pack.

Using your phone should be a hassle-free, rewarding experience. Apart from offering a large amount of data, there should be postpaid offers that maximise the connection’s potential. Postpaid offers are not related only to plan discounts, but should cover other areas as well – think handset repair protection, a chance to buy the latest smartphones at a discount, free data on signing up, and so on.

So if you are in the mood to switch to another mobile service operator, it is time you did so without a moment’s thought. Switch to Airtel postpaid for the maximum bang for your buck.

Sign up for Airtel Postpaid – it’s better than every other connection!

There’s never a moment of worry when you sign up for Airtel postpaid. Every issue you’ve ever faced with other service providers – lack of clarity in billing, suspiciously quick consumption of data, no discounts on usage, expensive monthly plans – are history when you sign up for an Airtel postpaid connection.

Here’s a look at Airtel’s current postpaid plans:

As you can see, there are four monthly plans at excellent prices, and with a host of benefits to offer. With Airtel postpaid, you get a minimum of 20GB data (Rs 399 plan) and a maximum of 90GB (Rs 1,199 plan). Besides, there are unlimited calls and texts, add-on connections (Rs 799 and Rs 1,199 plans) and also data rollover benefits. You can easily port from your existing service provider to Airtel by following a few easy steps.

Meanwhile, the company sweetens the deal further with a host of excellent postpaid offers that no other service provider is offering at the moment. These postpaid offers are:

* 1-year Amazon Prime subscription on activating the postpaid plan (valid for all plans except Rs 399 plan)

* Handset damage repair protection feature covers damage expenses

* Airtel Live TV & Movies is totally free on the plan (except for Rs 399 plan). This is an excellent postpaid offer, since you get access to quality TV programming and over 6,000 curated movies to watch at your leisure.

* Another great postpaid offer is you get more free packs when you wish to change your existing plan

* If there are multiple Airtel phone users in the house, you can club all the plans together under a single Family Plan. This way, you get only one plan and one single bill, with the chance to save up to 20% on the bill every month

Have you got your Airtel postpaid connection yet?