Latest Home Phone Features Your Provider Should Offer

In this era when telecommunications clubbed with internet has reached almost every individual, the necessity and importance of a residential landline phone service too had its share of upgraded features. Today, telecom service providers are running home phone promotion in which they offer high-end features loaded for the landline connections for each home who subscribe to their services.

Here we would first talk about the two broad categories the home phones today are divided into. They are either a Digital Home Phone or a Traditional one. Whatever might be the type of phone you have at your home, today there are some awesome features offered for both that can ease out your way of communication with your family and friends.

The Digital Home Phone

If you are already using a digital home phone, then here are the features that are awaiting you:

  • It uses your Internet connection
  • You should get at least 18 kinds of calling features that are currently available that includes a Telemarketing Guard, which doesn’t let advertising and marketing calls disturb you.
  • It is capable of managing your calls itself and can do morethrough theironline Digital Home Phone Portal
  • It can retain your existing phone number, or you can select a new area code as well

Traditional Home Phone

If you are a traditional home phone user, then here are the following features you can avail:

It uses your regular telephone line

This category too is eligible for 18 kinds of different calling features that are available with the same above-said Telemarketing Guard.

Even with a traditional home phone your calls can be managed by the phone itself.

Unlimited calls

Today almost every telecom service providers are offering unlimited local calls to their customers and that has become a standard in their Performance package. Some of them goes ahead in the competition by extending the same unlimited calls for long distance as well.

Call Features

With the latest technologies like IP in place, the home phone plans today feature numerous call responding options like: caller ID display, voicemail, call waiting, call transfers, visual call waiting, three-way calls in which with people from different places can place one call on hold and then return to it after receiving or making other calls in between.

High Performance Hardware and Software

To avail these features, you need to have a compatible phone that can carry out all these functionalities. The service providers today let you grab these phone sets with the latest hardware support either by renting or by purchasing options, as per your preference. These functionalities and features need equally advanced software as well that these service providers would ensure to offer.

The Bottom Line

Home phones have their own utility value that can be never replaced by the mobile devices. Home phones are a security, identity and utility feature of your house that connects people with a family that has an address. It is a very useful technology with least health hazards and an easy to use gadget even for the kids, whom we cannot hand over a smartphone right now. With these above said features incorporated, the home phone value has indeed risen up much higher than before.