Improve Your Invoice Supplier Process With Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

Accountability is becoming more and more important in auto repair stores. Businesses are under an immense amount of pressure to process higher numbers of supplier invoices at the same time as providing additional strategic direction and data. If this is something you are experiencing, auto shop software will increase efficiency levels so that you can focus on other activities that will be more profitable for your business.

Problems with paper invoicing

The majority of accounts payable managers do not know how much it costs to process paper invoices. One of the reasons being is that there is more to the process than simply printing an invoice. You also have to factor in how many hours employees spend on generating them. Not only is the process expensive, human error is guaranteed, which costs more money to fix. These problems are not to be taken lightly, if they are not confronted, they can be the death of your company.

Auto shop software improves and, in most cases, completely eliminates the problems associated with the invoicing process. It provides a simple cost-effective solution that will benefit your company in more ways than one.

What are the benefits?

Accurate data entry: How many times have you sent out an invoice only to realize that a mistake had been made after one of your clients called and said, “sorry but I didn’t order this.” Not only are you wasting time having to go back into the system looking for the correct order and then sending out the right invoice, you are also wasting money at the same time as destroying the reputation of your business for being inefficient.

The auto shop software takes care of the data entry process for you. All transaction information is automatically stored in the system, the invoices are then generated and sent to your clients when required. When this process is automated there is less chance of making mistakes.

Speed up the process: Most companies don’t document how long it takes to go through the invoice process from start to finish. However, it is a known fact that manual invoicing is time consuming. Studies have found that the invoice processing time is reduced from 28 to 3 days when using software.

Handling exceptions: Exceptions invoices are difficult to manage, when using a paper-based system, exceptions simply add to the time you are already wasting. When the invoice process is automated, employees have additional time to handle exceptions.

If this sounds like something that you feel will benefit your auto repair store, it is advised that you do some research before making a financial commitment to a software program. There are plenty of companies offering auto shop software, but whether they are right for your company is something you will need to find out for yourself.

Tekmetric auto shop software is offering a free trial for the remainder of 2018, you are not bound to a contract and neither will you have to pay a cancellation fee if you decide that the software is not for you. The aim of the trial is to give you the chance to decide whether their system will work for you.