How to make cost effective business video production

Business video production has become the mainstream content favored by many business consumers, and this makes it imperative to have good quality promotional business video marketing content for the promotion of your products and services as well as awareness and client engagement. While quality promotional video marketing content doesn’t have to break the bank, it doesn’t come cheap. Geared towards giving the brand more visibility, convert leads, drive sales and attain business goals, business video production can cost as little as $1000 and as high as $1 million. Here are tips to help you cut cost when making video marketing content for business videos that will serve your purpose.

Be sure about your message before shooting

This may seem obvious, but many businesses fail to prepare exactly what their message / communication objective will be before they shoot their promotional video marketing content.  This does not mean that you need to know “exactly” what to say via a script.  Assuming that most business people know the topic of their business, you should always prepare an outline with key talking points for each business video production.  If you are new to this then a video production company can help you ensure that each person will know exactly the message they are expected to follow. If you do not prepare your team for the day of the business video production then you might not get your message right and have to spend more money to shoot on another day.

Use your staff instead of actors or presenters

Using your employees as presenters will save money as you don’t need to cast and hire professional actors. In addition, using people from your organization gives your promotional video marketing content more authenticity. Before now, business video production were all about the glitz and imagery, but the most important thing to clients nowadays is the authenticity of the video. If you are promoting a technical product, it’s better to use employees, like technicians or engineers, who understand how the products work and know how to inform and educate on camera.  This is what buyers appreciate these days.

Shoot more videos at once

If you are need content to drive your business objectives, then aim to produce more promotional video marketing content at one time.  When you hire a video production company they will bring all their equipment, people and accessories.  So by shooting more than one video at a time you don’t have to pay for the equipment over and over again.  With your employees armed with a tight outline on what they need to say you can get many videos produced in one day and get the most out of your budget.

Keep animation and graphics low

In the early days of promotional video marketing content, clips were heavy on animation and motion graphics. But that raises the rate of video production company. So rather than use your money on animation and motion graphics, go for real people talking about what your audience can relate to…that is how you sell in the “real world” anyway.

Shoot videos at industry events

There is no better place to get quality content than an industry conference where everybody that matters in the industry is present. You can quickly produce a bunch of video marketing content for business videos with your CEO, investors, top clients and every stakeholder giving you the latest updates in the industry. All you need do is prepare a room at the venue for that purpose.

With these tips in mind as you plan for creating lots of promotional video marketing content, either shooting video in-house or using a video production company, you will be assured to get the most amount of video for any budget that you allocate.