How to Increase Screen Size in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed by Intuit. The software is mainly developed for medium and small-sized businesses. Computers generally come with various monitor sizes but most of software packages such as QuickBooks are able to detect the screen resolution and adjust the size of the font accordingly.

A higher resolution allows computer to decrease the size of the windows to display content in a given space. You can also test screen resolution from the keys given on monitor. Decreasing the resolution might lead to increase in the size of windows, so you can scroll left or right to see the displayed information. Change your resolution settings depending on the size of the computer screen.

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The steps given below shows how to increase the size of the screen in QuickBooks:

Procedure to Increase Size Screen in QuickBooks:

Step 1:Open the QuickBooks program to your company file.

Step 2: Double-tap on QuickBooks icon.

Step 3: Enter admin name and password in the given field. Now, the home screen appears. Now, you can increase the size of QuickBooks.

Step 4: Go to the “Edit” option in the top menu bar.

Step 5: Now, see the below options and you will find the “Preferences” section. Click on “Preferences.” The “My Preferences” tab will open.

Step 6: Look out for “Display” button in the lower left corner of “Windows Settings”.       The “Display Properties’ window will be opened.Then,there will be more than one option in the “Display” tab. The first option allows sliding to the left corner which decreases the resolution, increasing the size of Windows. The second option will have opposite effect.

Step 9: Adjust your slide to the right toincrease the size of the screen, one position at a time. Click on the “Ok” button if you are okay with screen size. Now, a new message will prompt as “Yes” to accept the new setting.

Step 10: If the settings in QuickBooks failed to give therequired result,then tap on the “Start” button. Search for the “Settings” option and then tabon the “Control Panel” option. Double clickon the “Display” icon. Go tothe “Settings” and select a new desktop area size. The, tap on “Ok” button.

Note: This changes the size of each program which is displayed on the screen.

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