How to Expand Your Company’s Existing Office 365 Email Archiving Capabilities

Back in the day, Office 365 email accounts offered a very limited email archiving option. But after a few years, Microsoft has enabled an option to upgrade email storage space to 100 gigabytes. Once you use up the allotted space, your email archiving size automatically expands. This means that you will never run out of storage, especially for your business-related emails.

If you haven’t enabled the unlimited archiving feature of your Office 365 email, you should read on, so you can learn the necessary step that you need to do.

The preparation

Before you start enabling the Office 365 Archiving upgrade, you should ensure that you are the global administrator of the Microsoft 365 business account of the company. If you’re not the admin of the account, you have to be a member of the organization management group so that you can enable the auto-expanding feature for all the accounts associated with the Office 365 account.

Make sure that you enable the archive mailbox before you enable the auto expand option. Also, you must ensure that a user is assigned to a license for the Exchange Online Plan 2. If the user only has a license for the Online Plan 1, you must create a separate archiving license. This will allow you to enable the archiving function.

If you’re not sure how to set up the account, you can get in touch with a seasoned provider of Office 365 archiving solutions.

Auto-expanding archiving function

Take note that you have the option to enable the auto-expanding feature for the entire organization or a group of selected individuals. The provided space upgrade can help you prevent storage issues, most especially when you receive a large volume of email each day.

To verify that you successfully enabled the auto-expand feature of your Office 365 email account, open the Exchange Online PowerShell and run the command: Get-Organization Config | FL AutoExpandingArchiveEnabled. If you get a response that says “true” it means that you were able to activate the auto-expand feature.

If you wish to check the status of the auto-expand archive request for a specific user, run the command: Get-Mailbox <user mailbox> | FL AutoExpandingArchiveEnabled. Again, if you get a “true” response, it means that you successfully activated the function.

Last few tips

An Office 365 account is very helpful. Having been around for almost a decade, Microsoft has been continuously adding new useful functions, especially for business accounts. You can use it for a plethora of tasks such as creating documents and processing documents.

More importantly, the email account allows you to connect with your employees or colleagues better and more efficiently. If you need to have a centralized communication line and knowledgebase, you should definitely use an Office 365 account.

Learn how to activate the auto-expanding feature and as much as possible try to use an archiving solution to organize emails. This will help you streamline your processes, especially if you want to comply with the requirements for statutory regulations.