How Quality Lifecycle Automation Is Resulting In Better Tests!

Automation of the tools has improved the magnitude with which software work today. These are the days of autonomic software and devices where everything works much like a human brain. And as the tools get advanced with their concepts and features, there is an added need to invest in new technology and adapt to it.

But with the accelQ quality lifecycle automation is savings in investment for the tools. It also provides for 3x Faster Test Automation accelQ ROI analysys. Here is how!

A framework that works like human brain

This is a fully functional framework which provides for out of the box practices. The design approach and quality coding system has led to the development of the tool which is sufficient enough to automate the processes. Much like a codeless logic editor this one works like a autonomic system. There are pre-designed codes upon circumstances which are triggered upon action. Therefore for even the first test undertaken one can expect a fully functional operation with natural language based process.

Intelligent automation

Not all the processes undertaken are based on the coding. The system is sufficient enough to make an analysis on its own because of its intelligent programming. It has an intuitive planned programming which creates and executes as per the requirements of the business. Therefore there is actionable and functioning test report generated for simpler analysis.

Cost friendly tool

Instead of spending a lot of money as an investment on the advanced tools the quality lifecycle automation tool is a much cheaper option with better response. The analytical tool assists in a variety of ways in processing, functioning and accessibility leading to quality use of investment. The ROI challenge winner automation tool is designated to meet the purpose with satisfactory results that provides for 70% saving as compared to other tools.


Brilliant use as compared to traditional tools

As compared to the traditional automation tools, this one is a standalone piece with greater effectiveness and results. The automation channel, virtual ID system, codeless logic editor, changes of BOTs and the integration of the data designer makes it so much faster and cost effective. There is an added comfort in using this one as compared with the prices of the industry!

AccelQ provides for a brilliant design, system and processing tool that meets the industry standards in due price. Its speed and processing power indeed is a deal breaker!