How Can You Develop An Impressive Home Page Of Your Website

The home page of a website is the primary door into the website for the remaining part of the world. It is the first page of the website that your visitors will see. A home page represents the first opportunity to make an incredible impression on people. Visitors spend only a few seconds on the home page to get an idea whether they are at the right place or they should move to other websites. So, here in this post we will tell you all those considerations that you need to keep in mind at the time of designing a home page.

How does the goal of a website differ from the goal of a home page?

The primary objective of the website is to encourage visitors to hire them for their services, and products. It also persuades users to join their subscriber list. The objective of the Home page is to get visitors to figure out whether the website is right for their needs and move ahead of the Home page to the core conversion and sales pages. Website builders are reliable software that lets its users create a wonderful website without them doing any coding.

Types of Homepage

WordPress allows users to create three different kinds of home pages for the website:

  • Static Home Page
  • Dynamic Home Page
  • Widgeted Home Page

Tips to create an impactful website home page

Keep it simple

Do not attempt to tell the entire story to your clients. It will look unappealing to them. Keep the content focused, clear and simple.

Use Basic English language

Do not be very creative, cutesy or clever. Focus to provide a quick glimpse of what your business does in just five seconds.

Make the content accessible.

Give your visitors ways to reach the most important content that includes links in the page content, website navigation menu, footer and sidebar.

Use visuals

No one wishes to read a boring essay online. Instead, grab photos to get their attention quickly. It has been seen that strategically placed visuals have potential to capture attention of viewers ten times than a simple text message.


Determining the objective of the home page is seen to be the basic step in the creation of a strategy that attracts your customers and clients to the website. All these tips will definitely help you in creation of the most impactful home page of your website.