Folx: The Best Download Manager for Mac

Looking for a download manager, Folx is the solution for you. Folx has true Mac interface, and it manages your downloads conveniently, It has flexible settings and many more. When you download contents, they are uniquely stored and sorted in your Mac. Folx is the best internet download manager Mac.

Folx is available in two versions, free and PRO:

Features of Folx Free Version:

  • High-speed downloading
  • Split the downloads into two threads
  • Auto-resuming of downloads

Features of Folx Pro Version:

  • Splitting of downloads in up to 20 threads
  • Scheduling the downloads
  • Integration with iTunes
  • Speed control
  • Search for torrents directly from the application
  • Video Download
  • Save any number of passwords for FTP and HTTP websites
  • High-speed downloading
  • Split the downloads into two threads
  • Auto-resuming of downloads

Advantages of having Folx Downloader

  • Fast Downloading (only in PRO version): You can split contents of your downloads into twenty threads, which increases the speed of downloading the content. Downloading faster is always a motto when downloading something from the internet.
  • Speed Control (only in PRO version): For optimal traffic allocation, you can either speed up or slow down any download, manually. You can also leave that for Folx; it will automatically allot downloading speed if you don’t want to do that yourself.
  • Downloads Scheduling (only in PRO version): You can preplan the download time for downloading content. After the download Is over, Folx will get closed automatically, or you can also pre-command Folx that after the download is over it is going to shut down the computer or switch to sleep mode.
  • iTunes Integration (only in PRO version): You can set up such that all downloads with Folx will go to iTunes playlist automatically.
  • Remember login and password (only in PRO version): Folx can remember passwords when you need it to remember to download files from websites that require authentication. So, next time you want to download from Folx, you don’t need to enter login and password, Folx will do that automatically.
  • Download Videos (only in PRO version): You can download videos from the web and change the format of the video if needed. You also can download private and age-restricted videos.