Create a Personalized Journey with Customer Identity and Access Management

Customer is the focus today to marketing success. It is not about merely knowing the customer’s name, but the truth is in understanding the true identity. The technology makes it possible to know customer identity and access management.


CIAM solutions assist companies in recognizing and acquiring customer, facilitating personalized marketing and collecting accurate data as first party. The CIAM, at its basic level completes the capabilities relating to delivering a seamless and secure customer experience.


  • It has the ability to authenticate customers, register customers, manage identities and connect customers to third party and internal applications, besides scaling across multiple business units, customer bases and partner offerings.
  • This software CIAM brings customers to digital properties identifies and engages them with one brand or another. Once acquired the companies get the ability to amass psychographic and demographic profile information from registration or social login method, thereby building a database that is really powerful featuring knowledge about customers.
  • Companies can now amplify the customer identities power and turn the same information as action and this can be done by synchronizing the data profile with the email marketing system, CRM, targeting, web analytics, CMS, e-commerce and marketing technologies in use.

Marketers look into customer identities deeper, offering more meaning marketing tactics. They thereby capture, store and connect the data powers of the customers taking to the digital marketing next level, thus create personalized journey.

The CIAM systems allow the organizations to engage at their identity level with customers. This means the system is expected to support offers based on location or varying account balance. A CIAM well-designed helps the customers as well. It helps them to connect themselves and their things to an organization’s digital cross-channel offerings properly. Thus, it facilitates the best and appropriate value delivery and customer engagement.