Cisco Finesse – Industry Specific Connectors (Jack Henry & EPIC)

We have all heard it said that not all contact centers are equal, as each has their own unique set of integrations. That is true if you are taking a macro view ofthe contact center arena on a global scale. However, this statement is not entirely true if you take a more detailed view and look at the micro level.

Let’s take for example the American Contact Center Market.For the Finance & Banking sector, at NovelVox we found that the most commonly requested integration is with Jack Henry Banking Software. If you were to look at the American Healthcare market you would find that the most requested integration is with EPIC.  So yes, not all contact centers are the same, but when you look more carefully at a specific industry within a specific country, you will start to notice the commonalities. That’s why at NovelVox we created connectors that are industry specific.

Before connectors, Banks or the Hospitals would typically try to have a go at carrying out the integration inhouse. As an approach this has many drawbacks, such as the possibility of the person who created the integration leaving the organization, leaving colleagues struggling to support the integration.Undertaking integration inhouse can also mean that you miss out on the experience of your peers in other companies, and may not be aware of or able to carry out industry best practices.Partnering with experts for this process means that your integrations will be tested and approved with the different vendors, and you be equipped for managing upgrades of your core systems or contact center software.

All these drawbacks mean that it is always better when integrating your core systems that you use ready-made connectors. However, most connectors out there cater for the general market, rather than for specific industries.  At NovelVox, we strive to eliminate that gap. We are an industry focused agent with significant experience, and have released new connectors specifically for the Finance and Healthcare industries within the American Market.

For the Finance Market, NovelVox offers unified agent desktop solutions for contact centers including Cisco(UCCX/UCCE), Genesys and Avaya. Credit unions can leverage the NovelVox offerings to integrate with various Jack Henry products, including Episys®, Synapsys Member Relationship Management™, and other in-house applications to offer unified a view resulting in lower average handling time, as well as improved member and agent experience.

For the Healthcare Market, with NovelVox’s Agent Desktop for Healthcare, you can seamlessly integrate your EMR/EHR, CRM, Cisco Finesse, and any other 3rd party applications. NovelVox offers integration to EPIC as well as many of the common CRMs, and adapters for bespoke in-house applications.

For more information on How NovelVox can help with your industry specific integration please contact us here