Always ask these 5 questions before hiring a web design company!

Business websites are more relevant than ever before, and if you are getting one for your local business, you need to find the right design service. Website design companies often claim great things, only to deliver substandard work. To make things simple, we have listed down the questions that you must ask before you sign a company for the project.

  1. What kind of websites do you design?

From ecommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify to blogging platforms, WordPress and more, there are bunch of different options out there. When you are talking to a service, you need to know what they can offer and the kind of programming work they specialize in.

  1. Do you offer a free website audit and estimate?

Professional services, such as The Web Shop, usually evaluate the existing website of their prospective clients to suggest ideas, changes and other features. If you are redesigning the website, they will talk about the scope and offer an estimate free of cost. Website audits are handy, because you get to know if you want to redesign the project in the first place. Estimates help in comparing the choices, but don’t settle for the cheapest one right away.

  1. What are the general characteristics of your websites?

Contemporary websites usually have a few things in common – mobile-friendly design, incredibly simplified user interface, cross-browser compatibility, right color coordination and right use of required features. Website designers are expected to keep up with the changing design trends, and as required, they may offer additional help to finalize different elements.

  1. Will you offer references?

References are extremely handy, especially when you want to evaluate the work of a web design service beyond their claims. You can talk to selected clients to understand their experience, besides checking their work profile in detail. A company that has been around for at least five years will usually not hesitate in offering references.

  1. Who will work on my website?

A web design company usually has a bunch of developers, designers and programmers working for them, and as a client, you would want to know the team working on your project. Apart from names and getting a point of contact, you should be interested in knowing their individual experiences. An experienced developer and designer always takes inputs from clients while designing the initial demo.

Check online now and shortlist a few services to discuss things further.