Affiliation: How To Generate Passive Money

Affiliate marketing is hands down one of the best businesses you can get into. A lot of people have made millions from it, and if you are lagging behind, it’s still not too late to start. What’s so good about affiliate marketing is the fact that you don’t need to hold orders, to hold inventory or to even deal with customers. All you have to do link to the products, and voila. The sales are usually commission based, so the more sales you generate from your website, the more profit you get from the seller.

How it works

Basically, affiliate marketing comes down to promoting a product on your website and getting a commission every time a person makes a sale. What you do is start a website, then create content and insert affiliate links to the product you want to promote for that contact. When a customer clicks on that link to buy the products you have promoted, you get the agreed commission from the seller.

Examples Of Affiliate Programs

There is a wide variety of affiliate networks available to join and it is easy to find products that we can promote. Most people decide to go with a niche market and concentrate on it. If you build a website about something you love, you are actually going to enjoy building the affiliate website.

Amazon for instance is one of the most popular affiliate programs available online. Amazon is a huge marketplace with tons of products that need a promoting, a marketplace that everybody trusts, and if you become an affiliate then you’re likely to make profit out of it. Of course, almost everyone is using Amazon so you can use other services.

The travel industry is a good place to start and you can here’s an affiliate program with an online travel agencies such as Opodo. This would go for a while if you have a travel website because whatever you recommend is what your customers will try out and if you do recommend the Opodo online travel agency then you are likely to make profit out of it. You can check out the company at

Advantages of affiliation

Easy management

This is by far one of the most advantageous things about an affiliate program. The seller will provide all the marketing materials and you don’t need to design ads or banners. All you have to do is link the products you want to promote.

No financial risk

The most interesting thing for a blogger in this business is that there is zero financial risk. You actually don’t have to invest anything. All they need to do is get into a business deal with the owner of the products and then link the products to your content.

Multiple income sources

When you promote online products or services, you increase your income when you receive the commission. The thing is you can work with more than one affiliate marketing program and will have multiple streams of income generated from different sellers.

Easy to start

 you don’t really have to be an expert or a business graduate for you to succeed in affiliate marketing. as long as you have a website where you can promote this product all you have to do a sign up for the affiliate program. it is easy as training promoting and earning, something you can do in your sleep.